Friday, 6 May 2011

Long time no hear

For some reason blogger hasnt been allowing me to post. I am sure its Cameron's fault.
Above are some Russian Generals who are leaving for the states soon.
This is a Perry lancer for moi.
Outlandish officer
I am pleased with this horse. I like painting horses.
Standard bearer
Naples cahsseurs that are already in Texas.
Detail of the trumpeter
General de division
Some foundry dwarfs that are now in Belgium
A front rank Pole ... just an experiment really.
Hope you enjoy.
I am not commenting on the AV referendum (I cant believe people are rejecting a chance of democracy) or the six nations as I can jsut about handle losing to England, but England playing attractive rugby? Please! What next? Common sense from politicians?
Wales were their usual mixture of sublime, surreal and silly. No wonder I have grey hair.


  1. Great looking figures Roger!
    Politics: It is good to see that up here in Scotland Labour have been given the shake up they have been needing for a long time. 6 nations rugby ... hmm best for me not to comment!

  2. Great painting!!! Is the poor chap be thrown off his horse a conversion? It's certainly a great figure either way!!

  3. Hi Roger - excellent work, particularly the horses, which are superb. The result isn't in yet of course, but I'm assuming people will have rejected Clegg's attempt to have himself installed as deputy PM for the rest of time... :^)

  4. Good to see you back.

    I'm hoping to start my own Nappies in around 2 weeks time...

  5. Muchos gracias buen senors y tories de diablo.

    Ray, thats a standard Perry figure - they do a pack for the cuirassiers as well.

    Being serious and not trying to bait Giles I do appreciate all the kind words. You are true gentlemen.

  6. Love the lancers! And that white horse (1st one) is fantastic.