Monday, 1 March 2010

Tanoch dros cymru!

..or happy St David's day. As a nation we jsut gifted France a game, and probably Les Grand Slam as well. The England scrum half gifted Ireland the game at Aich'Q and Scotland gifted Italy the game by being dire. Wasnt it nice of them all to join in the fun?

February total was:

36 Prussian Calpe reservists - quite happy with them

18 Foundry Prussian Cuirassiers - like the horses but not happy with the figures at all. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. They look nice to me!

    My eldest has taken to playing Nappys on the computer; had me giving him tactical advice on Waterloo, on Saturday. I may get to Napoleonics sometime... but probably in a silly scale like 2mm.

  2. Stay on target BRB!

    'paintingshed' has done wonderful things with 6mm naps, always worth a look. 6mm is the only real way of getting something close to realistic size for any battle (unless of course you've been collecting forever).

    This are great figures RTB, the faces look great!


  3. I msut admit if I were a gamer I'd go Adler 6mm. my eyes arent good enough to paint them anymore (may be I could be a ref?) and thanks for the kind words.

    So, how is the Zama project going?

  4. Hi RTB, Zama, it go well. Many figures are getting finished; terrain is still a big job, though. Happily Jean doesn't appear to have realised that I'm currently building a 16' long wargames table, in our lounge! I try to show her only 2' at a time.

    2mm is not as crazy as it sounds; it gives an impression of mass, and you don't have to paint the epaulettes...

  5. Nice work Roger. Love the horses, the white especially.

  6. Simon, how do you do three shades of flesh on 2mm?

  7. these figuse a so nice love the way you do your horses, keep up the great work