Monday, 15 February 2010

Mainly Calpe Prussians

Foundry French artillery officer
Perry general and adc

Calpe Prussian reservists in British rifles uniform

Flag by GBM

I tried to make the trousers look muddy - not sure if it worked.

Detail of the rear

Just noticed the ink stain on the officer - bugger

Nice figures but glad they are done.


  1. I wish I could make mine look this good. The shading on the coats is wonderful and the dirt effect on the pants is spot on.

  2. Nice job RTB - wouldn't have noticed the ink stain if you hadn't mentioned it! Don't you just hate that? Every time I take mine outside to spray lacquer them I always notice little blogs and splashes to clean up. Its a pain but good when the job is finally done right! Nice basing on the Prussians too.


  3. The more I look at other peoples Prussians, the more I realise my life is such an empty hole without them! Very tidy work indeed.


  4. Thanks gents. I washed the lower parts of the trousers then dry brushed to make them muddy - looks like the wash pooled on the officer.

    I've only got two cavalry units and one more battery and my Prussians will be complete! Hurrah! My first complete army!

  5. Lovely work Roger. But isn't it time that you started work on some AWI Tory militia?


  6. Hi Giles

    Am very tempted by AWI but seeing as you are going to do every unit there was my humble efforts would be wasted.

    I also have a victoriana / wild west project on the back burner. I have all the figures, just need a year to paint them!

  7. Very nice, the highlights on the Calpe reservists are superb. Well done.

  8. These are great Roger, did you go the army painter route on these?...Calpe are just so brilliant to paint...I've been thinking about this for a while...could I seriously be entertaining the idea of replacing 1,000 odd figures with Calpe?..