Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Foundry Bavarian foragers and general

A Bavarian general and adc

Forager group (plus cjhickens) a real joy to paint (not the chickens) and I am really happy with them.

Another view of the chickens........

They represent the three regiments in my Bavarian brigade (including the killer chickens)

As someone who has been experimenting with baking his own bread please note the exploding bread rolls.

Roast pork sarnies and some nice weiss-bier methinks.

Porky not having a great time.........

Hope you like them as much as I do!
I am a rubbish photograpgher, and the figures look better in the flesh, but I am very happy.


  1. Great looking bunch. Nice work!

  2. Lots of fun! Are they Foundry; and for your own collection?

    I must say I'd love some looter vignettes for my ancients.

  3. Hi Simon

    Looters? These boys arent musicians! They are a key part of the Bavarian logistics department............and the chickens are there to protect them.

  4. Can the chickens be deployed seperately? What terrain modifiers do they suffer from? If charged by other chickens, and in the subsequent melee rout, can they be rallied or do they route off the board? Do you make any distinction when the chickens are hit by 12 pounders, vs 3 pound artillery shot/shell? I am interested because I am having trouble with the realism in my cornish game hen rules for 1860's South America....your rules may help me a bit.

    Hope the painting is coming along ok..Jeff

  5. Hi Jeff

    Your first light infantry regiment will be done by the end of January.

    Chickens only suffer when confronted by roast potatoes, green veg, and gravy.