Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2009 painting total

Quite a productive year for me, especially considering as this year I took the plunge and set up on my own. The painting has served an additional purpose as its given me a break from what other wise may have turned me into a workaholic.

The general theme was initially trying to finish my Prussians (still not completed but not far to go), but also adding some new units to my French 1813/14 army, then some commision work, and some plastic experimentation. I have two commisions for 2010 that I am looking forward to but still undecided as to what to paint for me. The choices are:

1. complete the Prussians
2. Russians from scratch - I have all the figures
3. Anglo-German force for northern Germany / Waterloo. I have most of the foot, some artillery, but need cavalry. I also have the excellent Foundry Wellington command set.........
Not made my mind up yet.
Anyway, the totals are:
For me:
20 Old Guard Grenadiers - Foundry
20 Old Guard Chasseurs - Perry
15 French casualties - Foundry
30 assorted Prussian skirmishers and Jaeger - Calpe
72 Prussian Landwehr - Calpe
72 Italians - Victrix
5 Prussian Brigade command - Calpe
4 Prussian mounted officers - Calpe
72 Bavarian line - Foundry
18 Bavarian light - Foundry
4 Bavarian command - Foundry
5 Bavarian foragers - Foundry
3 Discworld characters
Commission work:
88 Bavarian line and light
16 Bavarian cavalry
3 Bavarian command
Grand total:
412 foot
32 mounted
.................and four chickens and one pig......................two witches and a cynical policeman.
Hope you have a great festive season and will post pic's of the new Bavarians when my clients stop giving me work to do and I can have a holiday!
Cyfachion Y Timor


  1. Paint the Bavarian foragers!

  2. They are painted if you check the totals (and the chickens) but waiting to be photographed.

  3. So how much burgundy did you get through, Roger?

    Happy Christmas