Friday, 16 May 2014

Austrian Cavalry for Dresden

I've been painting Austrians for our annual game at the end of June. This year its going to be loosely based on Dresden, specfically the Austrian vs Polish fight. As I have loads of Poles ( wonder who makes those .......... ) but not that many Austrians this has meant painted like a nutter for the past few weeks.

Please see the first pictures of the cavalry:

 Some interlopers now: firstly the based Vistula Legion
 And some Grenz (picture taken indoors)

Hope you like the pictures.


  1. Splendid, love the hussars especially!

  2. These along with your Poles should make for a great looking battle!

  3. They look wonderful! Have a few boxes of these to paint up myself, nice to get a preview. :)

  4. They look absolutely magnificent. Wonderful painting!

  5. Thanks everyone for all your kind words. I should have pictures of the completed Grenz next week.