Monday, 31 March 2014

Murawski Miniatures at Salute 2014

Murawski Miniatures will be represented by Empress Miniatures at Salute 2014.

Their stand will be located at: TA23.

As well as carrying the Poles they'll also have their ranges of superb ECW, Colonial, Modern and new WW1 ranges etc.  Be sure to pop along and say hello!

The Murawski Miniatures Poles are also available from Empress via their website as well as from my goodself.

Got some new pictures of the Vistula Legion. Firstly painted by the talented Farncesco Thau:

 And then the not so talented me!!!

Hope you like the pictures.


  1. Very nice indeed Roger and I think you are selling your own painting skills short by a long way!

  2. Fantastic paint work, details are really amazing!

  3. Great figs and painting job Roger! As usual!

  4. Ditto Carlo Roger. I'd be ecstatic if I could paint as well as you. Lovely job.

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
    I've sent a load of new greens off to Griffin this morning so a load of new releases coming up including the firing line command and 3 more fusiliers.
    Hope you all have a great Easter and that the "bunny" brings you lots of nice treats. Failing that just eat the bugger on Sunday.