Monday, 16 September 2013

Foundry Russians

 I didnt thinnk I'd done much painting especially given that I literally didnt pick a brush up for the whole of July, but I realised I have painted, since May, 6 x 30 figure infantry battalions, and 3 cavalry regiments.
 The cavalry consists of Cossacks, Hussars and Horse Jaegars.
 All figures are Foundry.
 Not my best paint job I must admit.
 And the photography is frankly appalling.
 These dont look too bad though and I think I did a good job on the trumpeter.
 The Horse jaegers actually made it to Leipzig but the Hussars, Cossacks, and an infantry regiment have only been finished quite recently.

 The full light cavalry brigade below.
 Combined grenadier battaltion
 Jaegers below
 The new infantry regiment.

 Hope you like the pictures.


  1. Très belle réalisation, les figurines sont superbes vivement une bataille avec ton armée polonaise. A bientôt Christian "les foudres de l'aigle"

  2. very nice! and great output sir

  3. "didn't think I'd done much painting" - for 200+ great minis in just over two months (not including July, obviously)!

    I'd love to see your output when you felt you had done a lot of painting : )

    Good work all around!


  4. Like them! Good work,and great output!

    I think the Foundry Russians are about their best Napoleonic range, plus they are highly compatible with the never Perry and Warlord minis which can add huge variety to any regiment!

  5. Beautiful, really beautiful!

  6. Jeepers! How much would you normally paint?

  7. Your a machine!!! Excellent collection Roger.

  8. Merci, gracias and thank you.
    I do paint quickly but sometimes I think I have sacrificed too much quality for speed. Will have to reassess my style. I honestly don't know when I painted this lot as my recollection of the summer was either of gardening, drinking or out door cooking. May be too many GnT's for the memory.

  9. Lovely Ruskies, especially those Ahtyrka hussars

  10. wuao Awesome