Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cuirassier generals

Right, ever since those idiots at google decided you have to use Picasa my blogging has been a nightmare.  Now Picasa keeps on crashing so I can hardly post pictures.

These I just about managed to upload and it took me about 45mins.

They are of the commander of my cuirassier division, plus one of my Polish lancers from my display case. There are of course 2 brigade commands. If you'd like to see more I am afraid you are going to have to email me as Picasa and my computer are not friends.
Hope you like them.
Couple of pieces of news Poles related:
1.Look out for posts from Arch Duke Charles (aka Iannick Martin) who is going to be looking after the digital side of this endeavour
2. Should be some figure news soon..........
3. For people with Comcast accounts: my email is being blocked. Its not me but rather Comcast have identified an email thread which orginates from my service provider.  Weve tried getting me removed but comast just say I'm not on their spam list.  I can receive emails from you but replying is going to be through Iannick.


  1. Nice generals.

    I found that using Firefox I am able to upload pictures OK (possibly an IE problem)

    -- Allan

  2. Wonderful looking generals!

  3. Generals are looking great!

    I also think the "must use Picasa" thing sounds fishy. I've never been required to use it for my Blogger blog. I typically use Safari as my browser and just pick and choose from images on my computer, so as tidders suggests, it might be a different issue.


  4. According to Blogger I can upload from my phone, my camera or from Picasa, nothing else.

  5. great looking figures!
    i use firefox and upload pics straight from my pc


  6. Thanks everyone; firefox seems to be the way to go but I think the problem is my anti virus software as I sometimes have exactly the same problem with the Daily Telegraphs website!

  7. Looking lovely as usual!
    The ADC is from the Marechal Ney set, right? Where is the Marechal from? He looks like a Perry, but I do not recognize him from the heavy cavalry commanders set.

    Regarding the pictures... have you ever thought about migrating your blog? The problem seems to come from the interaction between the software you have on your machine and the services they they seem to force you to use. So it seems best to get around that straightjacket!

  8. The General is Kellerman from the Perry's, and yes I am considering changing blog as getting fed up with the problems on google.
    Thanks for all the nice comments from everyone.