Tuesday, 16 October 2012

 The first unit of campaign Poles are now finished and based
 3 different skirmishers

 3 new Voltiguers
 3 new grenadiers
 6 new fusiliers
 6 new command
 Deliberately sculpted to be on campaign
 Designed for 1812-14 but can be used for earlier especially the Peninsular
 Very scruffy one here in clogs and forage cap
 Side view of the unit
 Detailing on the second officer
 The rear

 In all its glory
 Close up on the colonel and eagle bearer
 I deliberately painted these in off white trousers and gave the grenadiers white epaulettes etc as I have seen some evidence that this regiment did dress this way.
The flag is wrong for 1812 but blame GMB for that!
Figures are available from me ( roger.murrow@mmc2100.co.uk )


  1. Amazing work! The colonel, the "one-eye voltigeur" and the stands of skirmishers are my favourites!

  2. Fantastic additions to 28mm Napoleonics, just what was needed - Poles on campaign...beautiful painting too ;)

    What is next in the pipeline for this range and when can they be purchased, Roger?

    Many thanks Mark

  3. These models are fantastic. Definetly, I´m going to paint mine in six models stands!

  4. They are just so lovely, especially all the character they have!