Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2nd battle of Murowski-Staag

 Marshal Ney leads the French cavalry to doom.........................
 My new (metal) French Cuirassier unit
 Side view
 Evil Russian horde - part of the new painting commission
 My jaegars out front but the rest are now Ken's.
 French cavalry brigade that obviously got wiped out
 French in L'Ordre Mixed..........for all the good it did them
 Artillery and Bavarians
 Into the valley of death road the slaphead....................
 Right, as many of you know I am no wargamer, but I am confused.  Please see picture above. The French got 11 dice but teh Russians got 16. How?  Same number of figures, same number being able to fight.  If I continue with this wargaming malarkey I dont think I'll use Blackpowder.
The result was as expected. In other words I lost all my cavalry but my infantry were pretty much holding their own but my entire left flank was about to be rolled up by the victorious Russian cavalry division.

Hope you like the pictures.


  1. Put the Ney comment on the wrong post.......great looking stand

  2. Great looking troops. Really nice photos.

  3. Hi Roger,
    Figures and battle look really great!!!

    Have you considered General de Brigade?
    I find it very enjoyable.

  4. Fate can be very unkind in virtually any game - although I can only think there were a truckload of factors for the same number of Russians getting more dice than (disordered?) French Heavies? And then there's the rolling of the dice - there are days (we've all had 'em) where you couldn't roll the right dice to save yourself. Not a nice way to 'blood' your new unit I'll grant you but both BP and GdB are great rule sets, fun to play and only occasionally cough up the odd disaster on the tabletop! I'm sure the next time you'll turn those pesky Ruskis into Borsh!

    Great looking figures too.