Friday, 10 June 2011

Victrix Corner

 I've assembled and painted three battalions (with Will's help) of Victrix French.
 These have been painted as Italians and Swiss.
 All in all I like'em, but not putting them together!
 These were the last unit I painted with the black undercoat method

 I had a varnish disaster with these so apologies if they arent very good
 The varnish went "white" and the figures needed retouching
 Quite a loss of detail - Julian wouldnt be happy with me!

 The Swiss came out really well.
 White undercoat though
 Will did the assembly on these hence they are well modelled.

 Italian skirmishers
 Hope you like'em.


  1. They look great, I do love the French uniform of the Swiss, it looks great especially the Voligeurs, with their yellow plume.

  2. Great looking stuff, I especially like the en masse photo with the Victrix confronting the Prussians.


  3. Seriously, you don't really notice the varnish problem that much on the Italians. Slap a light flesh-wash over the faces and you'll get rid of the 'blind Freddy' look with the varnish filled eye-balls! Those Swiss look magnificent - that many Victrix is a lot of fiddly work - bet you're glad you had help! Are you going to be tempted by the Austrians they're bringing out? Even with the Perrys doing the same I'll find it hard to resist the Victrix!


  4. Am loving these, especially the Swiss. Lovely work! Very vibrant red on the white base.

    The aftermath of the varnish disaster could be far worse.

    There is a lot of work in in putting Victrix together, Will is a saint.

  5. Great figure Roger,
    As Doc says ou don't notice the varnish problem at all