Friday, 22 October 2010

Foundry French

Not painted any Foundry French for years but I realised they are the best pre-1812 in campaign
The completed unit

Rear detailing

The colonel - the worst figure



Lovely mix - I think all my fusileers are different

All the grenadiers are unique I think

I wanted a mix of trousers to give that campaign feel

The weakness of this range is the voltiguers - they are not good. But using the grenadier body with Victrix heads produces these. Will in Belgium did the surgery.

The white is deliberately grubby. I am sure white trousers would not have been that white on campaign.


  1. Very animated unit, I agree there is a lot of variability in the figures, very nice job

  2. I'd forgotten just how good the old Foundry's were. The Old Glory and Elites come close in range of poses and variations but I thought the Foundry's were always the nicer figures. We've had to await the advent of plastic Perry's and Victrix to get that range of poses back again. Nice job on the uniforms - particularly the turnbacks on the jackets.