Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My mate Dotty

A few years ago I went to Hampton court (not that one) near Leominster. Lovely gardens and a fantastic river walk. Whilts there I was accosted by the "owner" - Dotty the cat.
Dotty was semi-feral; he was quite happy to lord it over everyone, but I dont think he was ever totally domesticated. He did however adopt me!

The first time I met the furry hero he came from nowhere and decided I must be a soft touch. He then followed me round the gardens until he was side tracked by a load of birds.
I subsequently returned to Hampton Court Gardens and each time was greeted by my friend. The last time I saw he stayed with me for a couple of hours which was charming. Again he came from nowhere and we had a lovely afternoon (my wife walked off and left us to it!). Its a bit surreal being followed round by a cat that isnt "your".
I returned to teh gardens last year, and although I was told that Dotty was around, I couldnt find him. I went there again this weekend and was informed that Dotty had passed away at the age of 15 through "old age".
I would have loved to have seen him again as I was very fond of that cat, and he cheered me up everytime I saw him. I suppose what made it special was that he wasnt anyone's pet, and chose his friends. Dotty hated being indoors but loved people. I've never heard of such a gentle and friendly wild cat; he hated being indoors but made sure he was fed by the lovely people who run Hampton court.
If you go to the gardens there is a little gravestone in the vegetable garden by Dotty's favourite tree. A lovely touch for a lovely little cat who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
RIP Dotty. Thanks for being my mate.


  1. Poor Dotty! I didn't know him (obviously)., but I've known others like him. A lovely cyber-tribute

  2. Sorry to hear of the death of your mate...Dotty looks and sounds like a great cat..I reckon he probably had a great life too, and I'm glad he is so well-remembered

  3. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。............................................................

  4. Good post - described exactly how these little guys improve our lives in ways that others can't even comprehend...

  5. Great tribute Roger. Touching.
    He looks like he was a great little furry friend.

  6. Cats are such great characters and have a way of choosing people they feel a bond with, unlike dogs who just aim to please us all the time, cats do everything on their own terms. Its sad when they go, I have four and One is getting on a bit now and it does enter your mind every now and then.