Saturday, 7 November 2009

Perry Guard Chasseurs

I bought these 2nd hand with some other Perry stuff for a cheap price. Problem was these boys were "painted".
Truly terrible paint job so I started just highlighting but basically hand to totally repaint.

Quite pleased with the results but there is a loss of detailing due to the numerous coats of paint.

I think the officer came out well though.

And I am getting the handle of the white.

Beautiful sculpts as per usual from the twins

Loads of charater

I put the flag upside down but its the wrong one anyway and was going to be replaced

Hope you liked them.


  1. Very nice save on the figures. They turned out great. I'm doing the same thing with some 18mm AB Prussians at the moment I picked up cheap.

    Very much enjoy your blog and agree with your thinking too, keep up the good work.

  2. Nice retouch work. The officer did come out nicely. Typical Guard though, just standing around grumblin' - lazy sods!


  3. Thanks gents. When I bought these I thought I was being so clever and with a few highlights they'd be done. How wrong I was.....

    The original paint was so thickly applied it had taken a lot of the detail out. It was also very grainy. I basically had to repaint the lot. I am quite pleased how they came out in the end.