Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Victrix French painted as Italian 3rd regiment

Confronting the Prussian hordes

Voltiguer company

Grenadier company

The thin white line.......

Lovely figures.....but

Buggers to assemble (I am no modeller)

And I think the black undercoat obscures teh details that isnt as pronounced as found in metal figures

I am now painting another Italian regiment with white undercoat and inking

I like them and am converted. Anyone want to buy my foundry naps?


  1. Lovely stuff Roger; Italians uniforms are great and you do them justice.

  2. Roger! So this is where you've been hiding! Come back to WD3, you know we all miss you.... :^)


  3. FOUNDRY NAPS FOR SALE!!! How much?

  4. Hi Giles,

    Drop me an email - be good to cathc up with you. Congrats on your wedding.

    Dear Trailape, I was joking but do have one unit of Red lancers for sale, and French guard cavalry unpainted if you are interested.

    My email is: rogermurrow@hotmail.com

  5. I'm just finishing my first unit of Victrix (also Italian). They are indeed lovely figures, but I'm rather the worried that they will suffer the odd breakage, the muskets and bayonets seem a lot more brittle than the Perry plastics.