Friday, 8 May 2009

Warwick university Welsh Society Kenilworth Pub crawl 1985

Gulp. I cant believe I was ever this young.

Assorted charaters in the photo are:

Adrian Burder - now marketing director for the Dog's Trust!
Jill Phillips (now Mrs Burder)
I cant remember the names of the two other girls. I was p*ssed out of my mind.

Mark Denton (Half "A") - some techy nerd in BT

Adrian "Tugger" Young - no idea but you can guess what we thought of him by his nickname

Mark Gartside - no idea. Lost contact years ago.

Kevin Owen - ditto

Pat "the strap" - ditto

RTB - still a git.


  1. Dude!!! Great pictures, 80s style!!

    Which one are you exactly?

  2. I am the one with the winning smile and the long blond hair.......